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*You are driving towards Richman and the infamous home of the Gambani Family, The Bahama mammas. You know this is where the Don conducts most of his business. You slow down and pull in carefully to the alleyway and park your Vehicle neatly. You take a moment before stepping out of the car and making your way to the front entrance. The neon lights and the music build as you get closer and masks the seriousness of this place behind a somewhat retro facade. You reach the front door and the Bouncer stops you*

"I haven't seen you before, what you looking for?

"Im here to offer my self to the Don for some work"

"Give me one sec, whats your name?"

*You answer the bouncer"


"OK right, you can go in, just remember this aint no dive bar, you represent your self and the Family in here. Some people come into this Club, and they don't leave. If your lucky enough to get some work, make sure it is done right and never bring Police or heat back to this place.. Or the Don will invite you here for a permanent stay. There is still a lot of room under the basement floor.. Capice?"

*you nod*

"Anyway there is always lots of work to be done around here. The main Gambani in this part of town is Don Monaldo Gambani. He is Don of the Family and operates out of this very Club. speak to him if you get the chance and he might even take you under his wing, if he thinks you have what it takes."


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