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Forum » Guilty by Association » So you wanna be a Wise guy? (1st read)
Don Monaldo Gambani 9th Mar 2018

Joined: 24th Aug 2016
Rank: Don
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So, You wannabe a Gangster?

Well, Welcome to the Gambani Family.
A place for honourable 'GoodFellas' who do what they can to get by in the glorious city of angels.

If you're going to make it amongst the Gambani Family, You're firstly going to have to earn your way in. This isn't the military or some two bid street gang. The Family isn't going to hand you a living, You've got to prove you can earn it and that you're worthy of representing the Gambani organisation.

Character Set Up

First and foremost, Get yourself together. Let us know your character name. That's you in this RP underworld. You'd do well to control it and be ready to do what the family asks of you.

Secondly, You need to realise the rank order of the Gambani Family. As all groups and organisations ranks are incorporated to keep order with Family.

Associates - You're just beginning. The family barely knows you. You're an outside source with everything to give to the family. You start with $10,000, A car and home. Your first car should be sellable for nothing more than $5,000. In order to figure out which vehicles are available for you to have use this link.

Your home can be any place with a "Available for Rent" or "Apartment for Sale" sign within the South Los Santos District. This means anywhere around Strawberry, Davis, Chamberlain Hills, Rancho, La Puerta.

You could of course keep your home anonymous. This would just mean you would start your travels from the Family owned base of Bahamas Mamma's.

Next, Clothing. With your starting $10,000 budget you can buy clothing under that price tag. Once you get earning you can invest more but don't EVER! Wear a suit. A suit is a sacred thing in this family. Only once you are made can you wear a suit. The only exception is if there is a family funeral. Additionally, No tattoos are allowed on your hands. When you're made you will earn one as signification of your hierarchy position in this family.

Muscle - You've been noticed. There are mutters of you amongst the families Earners and Capos. You've got potential and so you've be adopted into the Family as a muscle. Of course you're not made yet, You're a pawn on the chessboard. But it's a start.

You're clothing budget goes up to $100,000, You can have a car that can sell for no more than $7,000.. But, If your house is recorded in your legacy, Well.. You're still there. Hey, You're not made yet. Keep up the hard work and you might earn a mansion someday. Again No Suits and No Hand Tattoos.

Earner - You're a good ol' money maker. That's your role. Earn yourself money and earn money for the family. Each operation you get into 20% cuts off to the Don. Unless you choose to work for another member. But as an earner you'd do well to find a way to Butter your own bread and prove you've got what it takes to be a Gambani businessman.

Your clothing budget goes up to $250,000.
Its a very slight, But its acceptable. Your on the brink of being made and you've got a fortune to make for yourself and the family.

Spotlight is on you. So you car should be on the sellable list as sold for nothing more than $8,000. And if your housing is documented maybe its time to move out. Why not move up to Mirror Park. Its an option.
No suits and No hand tattoos.

Mademan - A pin prick and a trickle of blood ricochets as it hits a playing card of a sacred saint. Set In the candles light and as it burns you announce "If I disobey this honour, May my flesh burn, Like this very saint"

Congratulations. You're Made! You're a Man of Honor. A true Gambani!

As a Mademan you have an increase in responsibility. This with the respect of your fellow Gambani members. The lower rankings want to be you, honor and respect you. The higher ranks respect you and understand all that you've been through to make it to this level.

Capo- You've impressed the don and thats hard to do. As a Capo it's time to start working within a Crew. And so for the first time in your Gambani career path you can wear a suit to signify your importance to this regime. Additionally you will be granted a hand tattoo to signify your rank in the family. Your budget will increase to $500,000. It's the biggest jump yet but you've earned it. The car you possess can be sold for nothing more than $10,000.

As for home life. Most of your time will be spent within the area your crew operates. So it makes sense to be nearby. Your crew area will be discussed between yourself and the Don once you reach this level.

Street Boss - The highest rank you may ever reach is that of street boss and so it is with the fullest respect allow me to give you some knowledge of your budget and what not.

Your budget hits $1M!!
The dapper Street boss that you knew when you came up, Well.. That's you now! It's your opportunity to dress to impress.

The car is on the sellers list for nothing more than $12,000 which more or less covers most of the vehicles available.

The area which you live is your choice but with this freedom consider the crew you represent and where your business is placed.

Don - I'm honored to be in your presence. As the leader of the family you are truly unlimited. You have free reign to live where you wish, wear what you wish (with modesty) and destroy your enemies as you wish. [/co]

You're truly the creme of the crop and the one everyone respects and wishes to please.

May you be blessed and raise the family to higher heights.

Signature Picture

¨La Cosa Nostra is business nothing more nothing less¨

Last Edit: 19th Mar 2018 by Monaldo Gambani
Forum » Guilty by Association » So you wanna be a Wise guy? (1st read)
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