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Racketeering and Earning Cash.
Forum » Guilty by Association » So you wanna be a Wise guy? (1st read)
Don Monaldo Gambani 7th Mar 2018

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Racketeering is a vanilla way of earning cash and one of the most effective ways to make it this will give you the rundown of how to start making cash.

Each member can doing something like Steal a truck of product to sell on the black market Or Illegally without a license but you're not going to earn a massive amount from that. But it is earning. You'd take a percentage and the Don would take like 20% some higher paying jobs will mean a higher percentage..

As individuals you could also run Rackets that don't require house. Let me explain. Protection, Maintenance, Loan Sharking etc. Are Rackets where you don't need a base. You don't need a property to base these activities in. Instead you create a round. A target area. For example if I push a maintenance racket. Earn 375 Per Store. If I did this weekly it's around 1500 a month from 1 store. If the Don chose a percentage of 20% he would earn 300 a month from you doing that activity. If I had something like 5 stores I did this to, He'd earn 600 a month.

Inner house Rackets. So Gambling, Drugs etc. You use a Front which means buying a business. So first each rank may be limited to a certain amount of businesses you can own Associates have 0 available businesses muscle have 1 Earners have 2 mademen have 3 capos 5 Street Bosses 7 and the Don has no limit. So that member can buy a property when he gains enough cash to do so. Say for example it's a Gambling racket, You could run a fake lottery. You sell a number of tickets on the street and run the money back to the business which would be the house. Once a certain amount is made you'd draw the numbers but it'd work that you hold the pot. For a drugs business you could do one of two things, Buy into a business to distribute from or buy a business to cook from. You then have two options. If you distribute from your business you need to locate a deal which should be accepted by the Don before go ahead. If you are the Cook you either have members of the family distribute with and for you and pay them for help out of the pot you earn. OR you locate a separate entity distributor who too should be okay by the Don before the go ahead.

Not everyone is a racketeer though. You could work for member like a capo who is Or be a driver for another member or family friends. You could work an honest job and use it stake out bigger ideas and use black hand to get them better business to earn more and give a cut to the Don.

You could be an eye and stake out local property moves and local states men etc. For possible shakedown or business takeovers for the Don. Not everyone has to be an earner in regards of creating random money from doing racketeering or stealing from a truck. You can earn by working for another member within the family. Or just getting valuable information.

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¨La Cosa Nostra is business nothing more nothing less¨

Forum » Guilty by Association » So you wanna be a Wise guy? (1st read)
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