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Don Monaldo Gambani 2nd Mar

Joined: 24th Aug 2016
Rank: Don
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This is a template for how to set up a journal post

click reply to topic

imgur link

description of job and how you gained the job

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¨La Cosa Nostra is business nothing more nothing less¨

Boss Angelo "The Mask" Baci P3 17th Mar

Joined: 9th Oct 2017
Rank: Underboss
Posts: 23
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Hello guys,
I'm a new associate of the mafia and I already got some work done.
Mr.Vito was kind enough to trust me with some of his work.
What I had to do was to find a Bravado Gauntlet on the streets and steal it.
I can already say job is done.

Monitor my progress here: ... /rQYvd
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Akira "Fox" Honda 23rd Apr

Joined: 28th Jun 2014
Rank: Muscle
Posts: 263
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A new associate with a job completed already. Establishing connections mostly, and of course putting foot to ass at the end there.
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Forum » Guilty by Association » Imgur Journal (unoffical)
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