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Don Monaldo Gambani 2nd Mar 2018

Joined: 24th Aug 2016
Rank: Don
Posts: 17
Likes 12

This is a template for how to set up a journal post

click reply to topic

imgur link

description of job and how you gained the job

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¨La Cosa Nostra is business nothing more nothing less¨

Boss Angelo "Lone Wolf" Baci P3 17th Mar 2018

Joined: 9th Oct 2017
Rank: Underboss
Posts: 30
Likes 7

Hello guys,
I'm a new associate of the mafia and I already got some work done.
Mr.Vito was kind enough to trust me with some of his work.
What I had to do was to find a Bravado Gauntlet on the streets and steal it.
I can already say job is done.

Monitor my progress here: ... /rQYvd
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Yes, I am old school.
I have manners,
I believe in respect.
Not because I'm old fashioned.
It's because I was raised properly.

Akira "Fox" Honda 23rd Apr 2018

Joined: 28th Jun 2014
Rank: Earner
Posts: 264
Likes 169

A new associate with a job completed already. Establishing connections mostly, and of course putting foot to ass at the end there.
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Big Giro Tommaso 17th Jun 2018

Joined: 21st Mar 2015
Rank: Capo
Posts: 80
Likes 24

Arriving from Vice City but more originally Sicily, Giro Tommaso had heard that Don Gambani was a well connected boss and hoped that his background and skills might be of use to the Family. After the long journey he hoped to make contact and make himself known to the leadership of the Family. ... 7j

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I never lie to any man because I don’t fear anyone. The only time you lie is when you are afraid.

Boss Johnny'The Hitter'Stallano X1 9th Jul 2018

Joined: 19th Sep 2017
Rank: Underboss
Posts: 7
Likes 3

Hello Guys, I am a brand new associate to the Family and I thought I would share my past just to be out in the open with everyone. ... h
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James King 26th Jul 2018

Joined: 26th Jul 2018
Rank: --
Posts: 1
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I come from Vice City. I was always a smart kid, but hard-headed and I could never stomach Authority. As a kid without many friends, I dealt with depression and I was looking for a sense of security, for brothers. At 15 I fell in with all talk wannabe gangbangers that were young and stupid. I was slanging 8 balls out of my mom's house that later got hit by a drive-by. I was kicked out shortly after that and found my way to San Andreas where this bitch of a manager started messing with me so I got my revenge the only way I knew how. I busted his bike and knocked a few teeth out, but when I was about to book it out of there he fought back, and at 19 I shot my first victim. I got the piece after the drive-by just in case. without knowing what to do next I fled to Los Santos working as a merc, taking jobs from gangs, mobs, private associations, as a freelance, and I've made a good living that way. Now I'm just looking for the family that I've never had. 

I take my jobs seriously with discretion and efficiency.
I have no issue getting my hands dirty, as long as I'm getting my due.
Forum » Guilty by Association » Imgur Journal (unoffical)
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